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CrossRoads Missions-Mexico intends to transform the city of Piedras Negras, Mexico, with the love and compassion of Christ through working alongside and empowering already-existing ministries by providing encouragement, home ownership opportunities, Christian education, medical clinics and youth programming. Through service, worship, and discipleship, teams from the U.S. work alongside ministries in Piedras as the body of Christ to display a testimony of the love of our Savior.


Piedras Negras is at the northern border of the state of Coahuila in Mexico. It sits across the Rio Grande from Eagle Pass, Texas, and is about 150 miles southwest of San Antonio. The city's population is around 250,000 and continues to grow. Due to its border location, the city is significantly influenced by the U.S. in areas such as religion, media, and even language.


CrossRoads Missions has been working in Piedras Negras, Mexico (on the Texas Border), since 1993 and is actively involved in community development and ministry in the city. Construction projects include two churches, two schools, an orphanage and many single-family homes. Community development programs include soccer camps, medical clinics, soup kitchens, hospital feeding programs, and other activities depending on ministry needs. Through these projects and programs, our hope and vision is to empower ministries to be the face of Christ in their communities.

Who We Serve

Mexicans value friendship, family, humor, honesty and hard work. Due to economic issues in Mexico it is difficult for the majority of Mexicans to work their way out of poverty. They have a desire to make things better for the next generation but may have difficulties maintaining hope in an area immersed in exploitation and complacency. Many people we work alongside view the Church as the instrument for providing peace, joy and hope that comes only from Christ.

Where We Serve

  • Colegio Libertad (Christian school)
  • Casa de Paz (children's home)
  • Salvation Army (deportee shelter)
  • Casa Bethesda (home for handicapped)
  • Iglesia Betania (church)
  • Club Lucecitas (girls club)
  • Explorers Club (girls and boys club)


In October 2016 I had the pleasure of visiting Piedras Negras, Mexico and I was so thankful to participate on a mission trip there with Crossroads Missions.

I have grown up in the church and been a part of many mission trips over the years. The mission trips I participated in included trips in the US as well as international trips and were amazing instances of Gods work being done. But my experience at Crossroads Missions was mind blowing and something different.

Often times when I have been on mission trips it feels like we pack up, head to an area that is sometimes familiar and other times foreign, live and serve for a week, and return to our home churches. When home, we tend to forget what we learned, who we met, and what we did did on that trip. While I think serving in any capacity is amazing, what I noticed about this experience is that the community felt like an extension of my church back home. It felt like I was serving, worshiping, and sharing in fellowship with people I have known forever. We truly felt like brothers and sisters of Christ.

Not only were we getting to experience and work alongside the amazing Crossroads team stationed in Piedras Negras, but we had the blessing of serving with other churches in the community. We learned how Crossroads Missions so deeply plugs into the organizations and churches in the city and we felt the familial love and spiritual bond with those we had the pleasure of partnering with. It can be hard to sum up an experience of seeing the face of God, but what I can say is that I look forward to traveling and serving with Crossroads again soon, but know that in the meantime I am still a part of the eternal Kingdom of believers.

Anna Jones
Medical Trip Participant
Registered Nurse
Johnson City, Tennessee

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