About The New Orleans Field


New Orleans is located in Southeastern Louisiana. Our center of operation is in the Desire area of the ninth ward in Orleans Parish with the focus of our ministry extending out to the inner-city neighborhoods of Desire, St. Roch, Bywater and Gentilly. We are also very active in St. Bernard Parish.

Area Demographics according to the 2010 Census

  • New Orleans Population: approx. 350,000 people (Pre-Katrina: 455,000)
  • 30% of population lives below poverty level,
  • 41% of children live in poverty,
  • In poorer neighborhoods, 33% of people do not have access to a car,
  • Median household income: $ 27,000,
  • Completed high school: 40%

Our Purpose

Seeking to glorify Christ in word and deed, CrossRoads Missions is actively involved in a variety of ministry opportunities in New Orleans. Through an example of community, worship and service, participants work together as the Body of Christ to display a testimony of the love of our Savior. Ongoing projects include the renovation of homes that were damaged by Katrina and other hurricanes since, the assistance to inner-city ministries and new church plants in fulfilling the goals of outreach, participation in summer children's programs, and ministering to the homeless of our city.

The People We Serve

New Orleans is a proud and culturally diverse town. People here tend to be close-knit, family oriented and very laid back -- hence the city's nickname "The Big Easy". We have a rich and full culture that includes everything from food to music, and religious beliefs to celebrations. Many of the homeowners we serve are still trying to "pick up the pieces" scattered by Hurricane Katrina. The summer programs we work with target at-risk youth and strive to get them "a step ahead" by the new school year with academic programs. With regards to the New Orleans Mission, there are over 15,000 homeless people in New Orleans (1 in 35) - a figure almost doubled from the pre-Katrina count. 61% are considered chronically homeless compared to the national 35%. The New Orleans Mission houses and serves food to 150-200 individuals per day.

Our Local Partners

  • St. Roch Community Church
  • The Gathering in Arabi, LA
  • Hope Christian Church in Lakeview, NOLA
  • A Desire4Change Summer Kids Program
  • New Orleans Mission (Homeless Shelter)

Come join us for a week long mission experience. We have skilled staff that will lead you in meaningful projects, programs, and times of praise, study and fellowship. The participant fee covers construction supplies, projects, outreach activities, meals, lodging, and worship and devotional materials. Trips are open to all ages and family groups are welcome.