CrossRoads Missions Appalachia improves the standard of living, raises expectations, and finds hope in the grace of Christ for individuals and families in Appalachia by connecting area residents to Christ-centered ministries through service projects and youth events.

CrossRoads Missions Appalachia is based in Floyd County, deep in the mountains of Eastern Kentucky.

More about Floyd County

Floyd County is located approximately 200 miles from both Louisville, Ky., and Knoxville, Tenn.

Floyd County Population: approx. 35,845 people (a decrease of 9.1 percent since 2010) 32.2% of the population lives below the poverty level
Median household income: $31,196.

Our Purpose

CrossRoads Missions Appalachia serves throughout Floyd County and the surrounding area. Our various forms of outreach may entail any of the following:

  • Making home repairs for a local individual or family
  • Meals and functions like game nights held at nearby government housing facilities
  • Gathering backpacks and school supplies for needy children in Floyd County
The details

We offer four-day, weekend, and weeklong trips to Floyd County. For weeklong trips, groups typically arrive at 7:30 p.m. on Sundays, and depart the following Saturday morning. Each Wednesday we take the day to experience Appalachia through hiking, swimming, and tubing/boating at a local state park.

Each group is involved in assisting, planning, and participating in the outreach and ministry activities for the week, as well as working in teams to accomplish daily chores and meals. The days begin with a devotional time, and the evenings include a worship service for singing, praying, and discussing the events of the day. Evening feature activities include community dinners, game nights, and local music performances.

CrossRoads Missions does not provide transportation to the Appalachia field. Upon arrival in Kentucky, your group is required to use its vehicles to travel to and from the work sites as well as the living facilities. Please do not travel by bus. Rather, vans are recommended.

Each volunteer is provided with a cot, but we welcome you to bring other sleeping options, such as a sleeping bag or air mattress. Groups also are required to bring their own bedding: sheets, blankets, and pillows.

While in Kentucky, your meals will be provided by CrossRoads Missions. Additional money is only needed for meals while you travel and for any other personal purchases. Each morning, participants and staff work together to prepare breakfast (pancakes, eggs, biscuits and gravy, etc.) for the entire team. Lunch meals are picnic-style including deli sandwiches, chips, cookies, fruits, and veggies. The evening meal is prepared by participants and staff. You can be certain to expect hearty, hot meals. Please let us know of any special dietary needs or allergies both before your arrival and when you arrive. We may not be able to meet all of your requests and might need your help in adjusting our meals to meet your needs. We will do our best to accommodate you!


Appalachia – Standard Trips – $375.00 (Sunday night – Saturday morning departure)

Trip registration

Field Trip Dates Cost Spaces Registration
Appalachia 2-8 Aug 2020 $375.00 Available Register Now
Appalachia 9-15 Aug 2020 $375.00 Available Register Now
Appalachia 16-22 Aug 2020 $375.00 Available Register Now
Appalachia 23-29 Aug 2020 $375.00 Available Register Now
Appalachia 30 Aug - 5 Sep 2020 $375.00 Available Register Now
Appalachia 6-12 Sep 2020 $375.00 Available Register Now
Appalachia 13-19 Sep 2020 $375.00 Available Register Now
Appalachia 20-26 Sep 2020 $375.00 Available Register Now
Appalachia 27 Sep - 3 Oct 2020 $375.00 Available Register Now
Appalachia 4-10 Oct 2020 $375.00 Available Register Now
Appalachia 11-17 Oct 2020 $375.00 Available Register Now
Appalachia 18-24 Oct 2020 $375.00 Available Register Now
Appalachia 25-31 Oct 2020 $375.00 Available Register Now