Appalachia Flood Relief

We appreciate your concern for Eastern Kentucky and for reaching out to us.  We have worked in this area since 2006 and love the people there.  The flooding has been devastating in many areas and the area we serve – Floyd County and the surrounding area.

Here are some initial pictures from around our workshop and where we house our teams.

Many have asked how they can help!

DONATE SUPPLIES AND MONEY! Your monetary donations allow us to buy the specific materials for the needs we come across from residents affected by the storm.  Our team is on the ground accessing the community’s needs and working alongside our partner church, Warehouse Church, and the mayor of Wayland.

You can donate here by clicking on this LINK

Here is a list of immediate supplies we need if you can get them to Floyd or our office in Louisville.

    • Electric Pressure Washers
    • industrial trash bags
    • squeegees
    • rubber gloves
    • masks
    • bleach
    • disinfectant wipes
    • buckets
    • paper towels
    • baby wipes and hand sanitizer
    • rubber boots  (various sizes)
    • plastic storage containers  (to put items in after cleaning)
    • water bottles/snacks
    • mops


Starting Wednesday, August 3, teams will go into Floyd County to clean up.  We would invite those willing and able to work to come to serve alongside our team.  We have a place you can stay and will figure out food along the way.  There is no cost to serve.

BEFORE YOU COME OR YOUR TEAM COMES, WE NEED EACH PERSON TO REGISTER TO CAPTURE THE INFORMATION that we are required to obtain.  Once you register, we will send you more details with contact info for our team.  

You can register at: https://crossroadsmissions.breezechms.com/form/AppalachiaServe42 

Address for Directions:

Enter: Langley, KY 41645.  Once you arrive, you will see an old school building on your left through the trees.  You will cross the bridge and take the second left.  If you see the Maytown Fire station, you have gone too far.  You will see another smaller brick building near the main building.  Please don’t enter additional address options or other phrases.  Different GPS services take you to different places. Sometimes farther away.  Langley, KY 41645 has been consistent.


These communities are still recovering from the historic flood last March.  Pray for those affected and for our team as they respond.